Live Your Purpose (Dharma Talk)

February 26, 2014

If we spot something new, the first thing we wonder is, "What's that for?"  In other words, we want to know the thing's purpose--the reason for which it was created.  

You were created with a purpose--a purpose that will bring you focus, happiness and achievement. Everyone struggles with discovering and following his or her life's purpose.  In this Dharma talk by Will Bowen,  learn the importance of your purpose and how to live it daily. 

9 Tips for a Great Romance (Dharma Talk)

February 18, 2014

The one thing we all want is someone to share our lives with.  Someone we can trust, who loves us and thrills to our very presence.  This is the essence of a great romance.

Will shares 9 practical steps for attracting and maintaining a happy, passionate and fulfilling love relationship.  You'll find that it is actually 2 steps--attracting the right person and then keeping the romance burning.

Never Mind (InVision Radio)

February 13, 2014

There is a relentless bully pushing you around and it's in your own mind.  It says things like, "You'll NEVER be any good."  "You'll NEVER succeed."  "He/She will NEVER love you." And, things that are even more harsh and critical.

It's time to take control of this critical inner voice and, through systematic training, push it into the background so your confident inner voice can lead your thinking and guide your life.  It's time to say "never mind" to your 'never mind.'

Dr. Lisa Firestone's work on "Conquering Your Critical Inner Voice" will help you identify and quiet your negative inner chatter.  In an extended interview with Will, Dr. Firestone gives practical tips for silencing that relentless bully so you can see life as the blessed experience it is. 

Daniel Nahmod drops by the Namaste' Lounge to share his music, his muse and his musings about the process of living life while flowing like water. 


Being Present (Dharma Talk)

February 10, 2014

Probably the most illusive of all gems is the present moment.  

No matter where we are or what we are doing, our focus tends to waffle between visions of the future to memories of the past.  These mental projections can either be positive (such as anticipation and nostalgia) or negative (such as fear and resentment).  It doesn't matter what form they take so long as they rob us from being connected to the here and the now.  

In this message, Will shares secrets for grounding yourself in the present, which is the only safe haven life offers.  It is the very essence of life. 


When you Wish Upon a Star (Dharma Talk)

February 7, 2014
Cliff Edwards, the voice of Jiminy Cricket, inspired Pinocchio as well as generations of kids to wish upon a star. There are powerful spiritual principles interwoven throughout this simple song. The lyrics invite us to take a number of important steps toward manifesting what we desire including focusing upon a single goal until it is realized, making certain our desires are based in love, and knowing that the bounty of the Universe is available to everyone. That is, God does not play favorites.  

Discover the profound message behind this song and you will find yourself humming "When you Wish Upon a Star."  And, more importantly, you'll enjoy greater abundance and happiness.