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Living the Endless Dream (Dharma Talk)

Living the Endless Dream (Dharma Talk)

June 23, 2014

Have you ever heard a song that so captivated you that you listened to it over and over until it became like a mantra?  

That is what I've been doing listening, over-and-over to Endless Dream by Conjure One.  The music is haunting and captivating but, more than that, the lyrics speak of a deep and profound connection to all people.
"You are like a dream,
And I am just a trip you are on.
When the trip is over, you will go back to the places that you once belonged.
You will look for comfort there and when you do you'll find that it is gone.
That is when you dream a dream where I am you and you are me and that's when you'll know love."
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