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Masters of Life - Part 7

Masters of Life - Part 7

December 12, 2018

One of the first self-improvement authors I ever read was Terry Cole-Whittaker.

I found her advice to be sensible and no nonsense.

One of my favorite pieces of advice from her is:

“The best way to deal with somebody is to deal with yourself.”

Often , a problem we are experiencing would not even be an issue for someone else in the exact same situation.


Because being a different person they bring a totally different energy, perspective and skillset.

Different person - different experience.

Instead of changing the outside world, we need to change our inner world and the outer world must change accordingly.

Here’s how.

Masters of Life - Part 6

Masters of Life - Part 6

December 12, 2018

Venerable Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhat Hahn grew up in a family that was not demonstrative. He says that until he was an adult no one ever hugged him. As a result, Hahn felt awkward when someone tried to hug him until he created but he calls “Conscious Hugging.” Conscious Hugging has 3 parts: 1) You hug someone as if they have been gone a very long time — like he thought you’d never see them again. 2) Next, you hug that same person as if YOU had been gone for a very long time and have just one chance to come back and let them know how much you love them. 3) Finally, you hug this person grateful that both of you have not been lost to each other and are grateful to be present together. In today’s JumpStart, I explain the process. Try this with people you love – it will transform your relationships!

Masters of Life - Part 5

Masters of Life - Part 5

December 11, 2018

“If you’re not happy with what you have, why would want more?”

This quote explains why the Complaint Free movement has become such a worldwide phenomenon.

After soldiers returned from World War II, the United States went into a massive consumption boom!

It no longer became important for people to be happy.

Rather, it became important for the economy that people become (1) producers and (2) consumers - – those are their only two roles.

Unfortunately, as prosperity increased happiness did not.

In fact, we live in the richest time in American history and yet our suicide is at an all-time high.

Before you lift a finger to acquire anything else, first, point that finger at the things you already have and give thinks.m!

Then if you feel motivated to attract more, you’ll enjoy it when it comes.

Masters of Life - Part 4

Masters of Life - Part 4

December 10, 2018

“The Lazyman’s Guide to Enlightenment” is another one of those mind-blowing books that you can read in less than two hours.

The copy that I was given is actually a xerox copy of an original.

Thaddeus Golas was into enlightenment, not money or fame.

After this book became an underground sensation, major publishers tried to pick it up.

Golas declined.

Later in life, Golas allowed a small publisher to print a couple hundred thousand copies but otherwise the book is pretty hard to come by.

My dogeared copy is one of my most prized possessions.

The entire book can be summed up in one sentence,

“What is it that you feel needs to be loved right now?”

This is the expressway to enlightenment and to happiness.

Today let’s explore how we can use love to reach enlightenment all the while being lazy.

Masters of Life - Part 3

Masters of Life - Part 3

December 10, 2018

Many of you know that I was NOT the person who came up with the idea of going 21 days in a row without complaining.

That was Edwene Gaines In her book “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”

My addition was to add the purple bracelet as a mindfulness tool.

Edwene Gaines is a prosperity powerhouse!

She challenges our beliefs and inspires us to reach our full potential.

One of my favorite quotes from her is:

“Contrary to popular belief, God does not love a martyr. I should know; I played one for years.”

Many of us, myself included, grew up playing the victim role.

But you can’t be a martyr and also be happy, healthy, and successful.

Learn to get out of the “poor me“ mindset and start creating the life of your dreams.

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