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JumpStart - Compassion By Proxy

JumpStart - Compassion By Proxy

June 30, 2019

The other day, I heard a snippet of a sermon about The Good Samaritan given by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King said, “The Samaritan chose not to do good by proxy.“

Wow, “chose not to do good by proxy.” That blew my mind.

How often are we guilty of “doing good only by proxy”?

We do great, noble, and wonderful deeds in our minds but when a real need arises, we have an excuse.

Be open today to opportunities to do good deeds – – however small, and see how it improves your enjoyment of life.

JumpStart - Ethics

JumpStart - Ethics

June 30, 2019

I just read about an amazing study that took place in Morocco.

Researchers gave local merchants money and told them that they could either keep the cash or give it to charity.

Remember, Morocco is an Islamic country and five times a day the call to worship bellows loudly on loudspeakers throughout the country.

Here’s what the researchers found: first, the merchants were far more generous than anyone expected, giving as much as half or more of the money to charity.

Second and most significant, whenever the Muslim call to worship could be heard ringing out, the merchants gave 100% of the newfound money to charity.

The takeaway is that simply being reminded of one’s religion causes one to act more ethically.

This is yet another reason to become an active part of a spiritual community – – it reinforces ethics within society.

Today, let’s remind ourselves of the universal good that exists and let it drive all of our decisions, knowing that we will impact those around us.

JumpStart - Crashing Your Pity Party

JumpStart - Crashing Your Pity Party

June 30, 2019

Occasionally, I will get someone who challenges one of my Facebook posts.

They don’t challenge its logic; they challenge its universality.

They claim that they are an exception to whatever I have posted, and they always have lots of reasons as to why.

These people simply don’t try, and their lives are one excuse after another, leading to self-pity and unhappiness.

Today, let’s crash your pity party so that you can stop making excuses and start making a life that is, wait for it – – legendary!

JumpStart - Etch-a-Sketch Do-overs

JumpStart - Etch-a-Sketch Do-overs

June 30, 2019

I learned something interesting the other day about the classic toy known as an Etch-a-Sketch.

When you draw on an Etch-a-Sketch you’re not actually drawing on the glass surface.

What you are actually doing is ERASING the glass surface line by line.

Here’s what I mean: when you shake an Etch-a-Sketch, you’re not shaking all the little particles off the screen, you are actually filling in the particles that you removed while drawing.

Life is like an Etch-a-Sketch -- there are lots of do-overs.

Today, let’s shake up your Etch-a-Sketch

JumpStart - People Focus

JumpStart - People Focus

June 30, 2019

I’ve mentioned before that my daughter Starr is the most popular person I know.

I’m not bragging--I had nothing to do with it; I just love sitting back and seeing how she magnetically draws people to her.

The other day, she again demonstrated superpowers for me, and she didn’t even realize it.

Today, I’m going to share with you what I learned from watching her and how you can apply it to your own life to make BIG changes and STRONGER connections with others.

JumpStart - Shedding Your Burden

JumpStart - Shedding Your Burden

June 23, 2019

Many people like to play the game where they ask, “If your house were about to be destroyed and you could take out only one thing, what would you keep?“

Perhaps it’s a good idea to play that same game with our responsibilities.

Let’s say your life is about to change dramatically – – a loss, an illness, or perhaps something else pretty serious is just about to happen. What responsibilities that are currently weighing you down would you take with you to the other side of that change?

In other words, what can you let go?

I recently read that one of the reasons Elvis took drugs was to manage the stress of having to pay salaries and give lavish gifts to hundreds of unnecessary people languishing on his payroll.

If the members of the Memphis Mafia truly were Elvis‘s friends, they wouldn’t need to be paid.

So, what responsibilities can you shed?

Today, let’s weed out some of the things that are making life more of a struggle and less of a joy so you can feel lighter and happier.

JumpStart - Zombies

JumpStart - Zombies

June 23, 2019

What if someone else took over your body for 30 days?

How would you then look, dress, move, feel at the end of that 30 days?

Your life is like a ship and you are the captain of your ship -- you direct its course.

Another captain might take the same ship to richer and brighter lands than you’d ever dreamed. Yet another captain might sink the same ship years before it had fulfilled its purpose.

Here’s a life success tip: become a zombie.

Let your life be overtaken by someone you admire.

If there is someone you admire, imagine that person taking over your body and your life – – see how this person might act, react, exercise, eat, work, and relax as you.

The next time you journal, play the zombie game and discover how freeing and inspiring it can be.

JumpStart - Responsibility

JumpStart - Responsibility

June 23, 2019

Have you noticed this about heroes?

They don’t do a lot of complaining.

When something goes wrong--as it always must--a hero accepts what has happened and, more importantly, accepts responsibility for fixing the problem.

We could learn a lot from our movie, literary, and even religious heroes when it comes to complaining vs taking responsibility.

When you take responsibility, you become “able to respond.”

That’s what makes you a hero.

So, put on your cape and let’s find that superhero inside of you.

JumpStart - Your Inner Velociraptor

JumpStart - Your Inner Velociraptor

June 23, 2019

From the time you could walk, you have been enclosed.

You were enclosed in a playpen, a home, a neighborhood, a schoolroom.

And nowhere have you been more enclosed than in your own mind.

In your mind, you have created fences around what you “can” and “cannot” do.

Today, imagine those self-imposed barriers to be like the fences in Jurassic Park.

You are a velociraptor.

You don’t accept those barriers.

You lunge at them and test them -- looking for a weak spot.

Today, let’s play velociraptor and see if we can find a hole in your self-limiting fences.

JumpStart - How to Do Anything

JumpStart - How to Do Anything

June 23, 2019

For most people, saying “I don’t know how… I don’t know how… I don’t know how…” is a closed loop that keeps them stuck.

Whenever you need to do something and you don’t know how, there’s a very simple process:

1. Google it
2. Get started
3. Don’t stop

If you’re struggling, it’s because you’re not doing one of these three things.

There’s an old saying, “Not every problem that is addressed can become solved. However, no problem can be resolved until it is addressed.“

In modern terminology, “Google it and Get On it!”

Break out of your “I don’t know how” loop and change your life.

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