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JumpStart -  Becoming Positively Outrageous

April 14, 2022

Today’s JumpStart guest is on a mission to teach the world to become “Positively Outrageous”.

Michael Hoffman has spent 30 years working with organizations on igniting and equipping cultures of ownership and people of influence. 

Michael says that now, more than ever, we need to OWN our behaviors, interactions, and success. 

We all need to be Positively Outrageous in our Service to others and Michael shows us how by answering...

* What he means by "Success is NOT on our DNA?"

 * What is Positively Outrageous Service?

* What you can do today to be more Positively Outrageous in serving other people

* How to Love Louder

* What organizations can do to create a Positively Outrageous customer experience

Learn more about Michael at www.IgnitingPerformance.com



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