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Masters of Life - Part 17

Masters of Life - Part 17

December 22, 2018

One of the original great motivational speakers, Charlie Jones kept people riveted in their seats.

Something Charlie said a half century ago has stuck with me throughout my life and I have seen the truth in his statement played out over and over again in my life and the lives of others.

If you want a real piece of wisdom, here it is “you are the same person you are today that you will be to five years from now except for two things:

1) The books you read 2) The people you meet

The Takeaway is that anything we wish to become can be found within the covers of the blocks available to us everywhere.

In the guides to take us there are the people that we made.

Choose very carefully what you read and whom you give your time to because they shape what you become.

Masters of Life - Part 15

Masters of Life - Part 15

December 22, 2018

In my previous JumpStart, I talked about the importance of affirmations – – running positive, first-person, present-tense thoughts through your head.

One of the most powerful affirmations I’ve ever heard came from French psychiatrist Émile Coué.

Coué created a new form of psychotherapy he called Optimistic Autosuggestion (positive affirmations).

Today, we’re gonna look at the most powerful positive affirmation ever written.

Thanks to Coué get ready to feel better and better in every way!

Masters of Life - Part 16

Masters of Life - Part 16

December 22, 2018

“You keep talkin but all I hear is blah, blah, blah, bitch mode.”

If you’ve read my books or watched my videos, you know that people complain for one of five reasons.

Two of those reasons are (1) to remove responsibility, and (2) to excuse poor performance.

In other words, people complain to be let off the hook either before or after they attempt something!

They rationalize as to why they can’t succeed.

That is, they tell “rational lies” to keep being victim.

Warning: in today’s JumpStart I get in your face a little bit — if you’re easily offended, skip this one.

But, if you’re ready to move beyond whining about situations to become the master of your life, then get strapped in and let’s get started!

Masters if Life - Part 14

Masters if Life - Part 14

December 22, 2018

When I feel VERY tired, stressed, or just plain overwrought, the words of our today’s Master of Life, W. Clement Stone, ring in my ears.

Stone, like many others, was a huge believer in the power of affirmations —intentionally running positive messages through your mind as a way of negating the negative thoughts that pop up.

Well, it’s been decades since I’ve listened to anything recorded by Stone but just last year, while I was in the Paris airport, there was a bomb scare.

We could see the briefcase that someone had left abandoned and thousands of us were pushed back behind a perimeter by cano-wearing, machine gun toting security police.

We were anxious as penned cows both in fear of an explosion and in fear of missing our flights.

Although I felt anxious, tired, and beaten-down, in that moment I heard W. Clement Stone‘s nasal, overly-melodic voice chirping in my head,

“I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific!“

I began to repeat the affirmation slowly in my head.

Stone‘s words elevated my mood and helped me get through an extremely tense situation.

Today, let’s consider Stone’s message and how we can apply it to improve our own if lives.

Masters of Life - Part 13

Masters of Life - Part 13

December 22, 2018

“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

You probably remember the inspiring and powerful movie “Rudy.”

“Rudy” is the real life story of Rudy Ruettiger; a short, small-framed young man growing up in a blue-collar Indiana family whose only dream is to play football for Notre Dame.

For years Rudy struggled to even get accepted to Notre Dame.

Then, he was told that he was too small for the team.

So, Rudy volunteered his body as a human tackling dummy allowing the other players to hit him as hard as possible during practice in preparation for other teams.

According to the movie, Rudy so inspired his teammates that they insisted he be allowed to wear the Fighting Irish uniform during a game.

Rudy, tiny little Rudy, even got to play a few inspiring minutes in the game.


You may know the movie.

But you don’t know the grit, tenacity, and just plain anger it took for Rudy Ruettiger to get the movie made.

Today, we celebrate Rudy as a Master of Life not for his movie, but for what he teaches us off-screen.

Masters of Life - Part 12

Masters of Life - Part 12

December 20, 2018

I had my world blown apart when I was 32 years old.

Without warning, my wife left me and I was devastated.

I felt as if my soul have been ripped in half.

In desperation, I reached out to the man who would been my minister for years but whom I had not spoken to in quite some time.

His name is Rene’ Pare’.

I told him about the end of my marriage and how defeated I felt.

“I feel like a failure.“ I said.

“Why?“ He asked.

“Because my marriage failed,” I replied.

“What if your marriage didn’t fail?“ He asked.

“What do you mean?“

“What if your marriage was complete – – rather than a failure? What if, it was simply done because it had fully served its purpose?”

This reframing of my situation gave me a great deal of comfort.

In this JumpStart we discuss such necessary endings and how they are important steps in our ongoing evolution.

Masters if Life - Part 11

Masters if Life - Part 11

December 19, 2018

The book that really got me to think differently about life, God, my body, and even how I eat, is “The way of the peaceful warrior” by Dan Millman.

Millman tells the story as his own struggle to tap into the spiritual side of life while being trapped in the physical realm.

You may have seen the movie adaptation of this book starring Nick Nolte.

There are many great takeaways from this book but today we’ll focus on probably the most profound,

“There are no ordinary moments.“

To be enlightened is to be awake. To be awake just to know that there are no ordinary moments, people, or experiences.

Open your mind today to that awareness and watch out everything around you becomes easier and more appealing.

Masters of Life - Part 10

Masters of Life - Part 10

December 19, 2018

The book “Conversations with God“ really exploded my cranium!

It’s inspiring, thought-provoking and even a little titillating because it seems almost sacrilegious.

However, the message it speaks is all about living our most divine self - each of us.

You know: love, forgiveness, peace, understanding, love your neighbor, – – all that truly important stuff we tend to forget.

Some have called this a “channeled“ book, meaning that the author was transcribing what God was dictating.

Whatever the origin of this series of books, after you read them you will forever see life, God, and yourself differently.

Masters of Life - Part 9

Masters of Life - Part 9

December 18, 2018

To me, a great quote is one that delivers a powerful message in the fewest words.

Like Bruce Lee’s famous 1-inch punch where Lee would put his fist a mere one inch away from a sparring partner’s padded chest and BOOM, with just that distance to gain momentum, hit the person hard enough to knock him across the room.

Joe Vitale, today’s Master of Life, delivers such a powerful and succinct quote with,

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Our eternal focus might show us what we want to do, become, or have.

But it is awakening within that brings us the capacity to achieve what we see with our external vision.

More importantly, looking within helps us discern that which is important.

Apply Joe’s quote today and you will find yourself happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Masters of Life - Part 8

Masters of Life - Part 8

December 17, 2018

Few people alive have had more of an impact on more lives than Tony Robbins. The bigger than life giant who seems able to motivate anyone to do anything! Tony is also a sincere, sweet, and wonderful guy who is consumed with helping reduce hunger in our country. Today, we’re going to take a look at Tony’s idea of “state.“ The energy you bring to any situation will dictate how that situation turns out. Your “state“ is pivotal to everything you do. Before you do anything today, ask yourself, “Am I in the right state to accomplish this?” Then, do whatever it takes to be in the optimal state to create the optimal experience.

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