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JumpStart - Gratitude

JumpStart - Gratitude

January 14, 2019


Gratitude is the expressway to happiness and enlightenment.


Gratitude shifts your focus from darkness to light.  


Gratitude shortens the pain of loss and increases feelings of joy.


Gratitude is infinitely powerful and yet so often overlooked.


It’s like we need a reminder just to be grateful from time to time, right?


Well, here’s your reminder!


Get started now, “I’m grateful for _________________,” and don’t stop until you’ve come up with ten people or things.


*** Repeat 3 times daily for best results ***


Trust me, there’s more to be grateful for than there is time to be grateful.

JumpStart - Setpoints

JumpStart - Setpoints

January 14, 2019


The other day, I was listening to a radio show on the science of losing weight.


A weight loss expert from Harvard University spoke at length about weight “set points” -- those internal thermostats our body just seem to magically gravitate toward.


It occurred to me that we have set points in EVERY area of our life.


I’ll be this happy -- no more, no less.

I’ll be this wealthy  -- no more, no less.

I’ll be this patient -- no more, no less.

I’ll be this tolerant  -- no more, no less.

I’ll be this flamboyant -- no more, no less.


You get the picture.


Open your mind to the idea that you, yes even perfect YOU, can grow, expand, and become even more.


Together let’s reset that dial!

JumpStart - Passion

JumpStart - Passion

January 14, 2019


You know, I keep coming back to the theme of passion for a reason -- passion is VITAL.


Having SOMETHING that stokes your fire and gets you going is critical to feeling engaged, happy, and successful.


And your passion doesn’t have to be world-changing.


I’m building a 20’ water sculpture in my home.


Yep, seriously.


And it’s ALL I think about lately.


It keeps me enthusiastic for new ideas and solutions.


Remember, “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek entheos meaning “the God within.”


What’s YOUR passion -- your God within?


Together, let’s discover it and get passion BURNING in your life!

“To You; Love God” Tuesday - Love Part 1

“To You; Love God” Tuesday - Love Part 1

January 14, 2019


Let me give a metaphor...


Love is water.


Resistance is oil.


Love and resistance simply don’t mix.


To love is not idealize, romanticize, or worship.


To truly love is to accept, and in your acceptance to cast hope over the situation rather than fear.


Be open to what is and you may soon discover you get what you want, as well.

JumpStart - Pertinacity

JumpStart - Pertinacity

January 14, 2019

The other day I was listening to an interview with Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest is the only airline to have posted a profit every single year in its history.

In fact, for decades, Southwest was the most profitable company in the United States.

When the journalist asked Kelleher the secret to his success he used a word I had never heard before– – “PERTINACITY.”

Basically, pertinacity means persistence.

BUT, pertinacity implies more than being persistent.


It implies having persistence as part of your very nature.

In other words, you don’t strive to be persistent, persistence is simply who you are.

The good news is that pertinacity is a learnable skill -- get ready to unleash your persistence.


Jumpstart - Staying Successful

Jumpstart - Staying Successful

January 14, 2019

The #1 cause of failure for successful people is to stop doing what made them successful in the first place.

And yet, it's surprisingly easy to give up on what’s working -- simply because it IS working.

No problem means no motivation; which means no constructive action.

Our minds are scattered and forgetful tending to focus only on what’s urgent instead of what’s important.

The hard part isn’t figuring out what creates success.

And, it’s not doing the actual work.

No, the hard part to being successful is doing what’s important every day — even when it’s not urgent.

Focus on what’s important and you’ll have far fewer urgent problems.

It’s as simple as that.

Jumpstart - Sleep

Jumpstart - Sleep

January 14, 2019

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the healing power of sleep.

Sleep is to your brain what being put into a dishwasher is to a dirty dish — it sends cleansing waves across your brain removing what’s unnecessary while arranging and archiving what is.

A person who gets GOOD QUALITY sleep is happier, less stressed, more competent, more creative, more confident, and the list goes on and on.

Feeling angry?  Get better sleep.
Having trouble losing weight? Get better sleep.
Need to be more creative?  Get better sleep.

I’ve been seriously monitoring my sleep quality for the past 6 months and tweaking things to where I now regularly achieve a full 100% sleep quality many nights.

Let me teach you how to sleep better so you can live better.

Jumpstart - Progress

Jumpstart - Progress

January 14, 2019

Did you know that when the telephone was introduced, angry protesters actually pulled down phone poles around the country?

And, when cars became common on rural roads people sat on their porches and fired shots at them as they passed.

Today, people throw Lime and Bird scooters into dumpsters and even off of buildings.

Whenever society progresses, there is ALWAYS a faction of people fighting—and I do mean FIGHTING, to hold things back.

We can scoff at such people and feel superior.

Or, we can look within ourselves to discover where we are resisting progress in our own lives.

The resistance to progress we see in society is a mirror of the resistance within ourselves.

As we grow, so grows everyone and everything around us.

So, it’s important to grow as much as we can not just for ourselves but for everyone who lives now and will live after us.

“To You; Love God” Tuesday -  Awaken Part 3

“To You; Love God” Tuesday -  Awaken Part 3

January 14, 2019

Did you ever seen the Disney movie short “Lambert?”

Lambert is a lion cub raised by sheep.

He eats grass and hops along the meadow with the other lambs until one day a wild lion shows up to attack the herd.

Lambert starts to bleat in fear along with his brothers and sisters but, instead, out comes from his body comes a deafening ROAR.

Lambert thought he was a sheep and, under pressure, he discovered he was so much more.

How much more can you become as a spouse, a parent, a boss, a coworker, friend, or whatever role in which you find yourself?

Don’t wait for something traumatic to summon forth your potential.  Instead, cultivate your potential so you’ll be ready when life’s traumas present themselves.

Jumpstart - Repurposing

Jumpstart - Repurposing

January 13, 2019

Let’s say you own a company that bakes pies and you’re selling thousands of pies every week.

Then, you're shocked to discover that your customers are gobbling down your pies (or even throwing them away) so they can play with the packaging the pie comes in!

What would you do?

Or, let’s say you create the perfect wipe for removing women’s makeup and you find out to your horror that your customers are blowing their noses on them.

What now?

You either freak out or you take create Frisbee toys from pie plates and rebrand Kleenex face wipes as tissues.

Some of the greatest business and personal successes come from the painful process of figuring out better uses for existing ideas.

Discover how to repurpose YOUR life to make things better for you and everyone else.

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