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Heroes - Featuring Dr. Maya Angelou (InVision Radio)

March 22, 2014
Everyone has heroes--ordinary people who, when faced with life's defining moments, choose to stand for what is right rather than what is expedient.

In this Episode of InVision Radio, Will Bowen speaks with Mark Shellinger, Founder of the SAMs Innovation Project, which is positively transforming schools from the top down.  By elevating the performance of school principals, SAMs is turning teachers into heroes.

In the Namaste' Lounge, disco legend Gloria Gaynor stops by to share the stories of lives that have been positvely impacted by her double-platinum disco hit "I will surive."

Dr. Maya Angelou talks with Will about what it feels like to be celebrated as a Spiritual Hero and she also shares who she considers to be her own personal heroes.

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