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JumpStart -1st World Problems

July 21, 2020
My buddy and long-time prayer partner Brian once went through his list of weekly challenges so I could say a prayer that encompassed his various struggles.
In closing he smiled, shrugged his shoulders and admitted, “Nothing -- really, all first-world problems,” at which we both laughed heartily.
This was my first exposure to the concept of “first-world problems” and this view can be a real mental game-changer for us and our attitudes if we keep it before us.
Even with a raging pandemic, most of us are dealing with challenges that are trivial in comparison to the existence of our brothers and sisters around the world during pre-Covid 19 times.
If you’re ready to take a smiling look at what you call “challenges” then let’s take a light-hearted look at our 1st world problems.
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