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JumpStart - An Unstoppable Force

July 20, 2019

My first job out of college was as a radio advertising salesperson.

I’d call on local businesses, develop a a radio marketing plan for them and then present my ideas with an invitation to “give it a try."

More often than not, their response would be, “No” and I would shrug my shoulders, thank the prospect for their time, and leave.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very successful.

Until I read a book that told me most people have to say “no” six times before they will get to a, “yes.”

Once I discovered this, I began to persevere simply asking “why not give it a try?” over and it over and it paid off BIG making me the top sales person at the radio station.

In today’s JumpStart, I share a recent experience that showed me, once again, the power of being an Unstoppable Force in the face of something very challenging.

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