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JumpStart- Natural compassion

February 15, 2020

You’ve heard about the gunfight at the OK Coral, right? The Earps and Clantons squared off in this historic gunfight leaving many of them dead of dying. But, there’s a lot more to this story and in it we can learn a lot about human nature and what I call “Natural Compassion.” You are more compassionate than you know and when you tap into that compassion you just might spare yourself a few verbal gun battles . Get ready to tap into your innate compassion to dodge whatever bullets might come your way today. And, may I ask you a favor? If you got something out of today’s JumpStart, would you please forward it on to someone else? Together, let’s build a community of positivity as we make the world a better place. And, remember to post your questions and comments — I respond to them all.

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