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JumpStart - No There, There

June 23, 2020

When you apply for a job you hand (or more likely email) your prospective employer a recap of all your business accomplishments making sure that everything you did is presented in the best light.

This is natural -- it’s just putting your best foot forward.

If you, like most people, struggle with worry or anxiety then I invite you to create a very different kind of resume -- a listing of every BAD thing that’s happened to you.

Then--and this is critical, write out how you handled (or are handling) the major problem.

Writing out your own Life Challenge Resume reminds you of just how powerful, capable, supported, and resourceful you are because you’ve already faced, handled, and moved past things you thought were impossible.

And with that knowledge you realize that there’s really nothing to worry about.

Because whatever shows up, you got it!


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