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M.I.N.D.F.U.L.- 7 Keys for Refueling Your Life for Success - Part 5

April 12, 2016

This week at Sangha Yoga Church​,  Will Bowen shares the 5th step in MINDFULness--forgiveness.  To be present to our lives, we need to stop focussing our mental energy on the past--which is where all needs for forgiveness took place.  Forgiveness in the present releases the pain of he past so that you can be happier and enjoy life more.  Learn the powerful process of Mindful Hugging as Will introduces you to his wife, celebrated yoga teacher Marti Lee Bowen. She and our daughter Starr own InBliss Yoga here in Kansas City, MO​.  (BTW, when people see Marti, they often think I robbed the cradle.  Actually, she's two years older than me.  The age-defying power of yoga.)

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