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Mind, Body and Spirit (Dharma Talk)

Mind, Body and Spirit (Dharma Talk)

March 30, 2014

Christians believe that God is comprised of three entities - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

You are three distinct entities - Mind, Body, Spirit
In this lesson, Will helps you step aside and look at the trifold nature of your being.  Learn to align your Mind, Body and Spirit for a greater connection with God.
This brings more happiness and inner peace.  
Heroes - Featuring Dr. Maya Angelou (InVision Radio)

Heroes - Featuring Dr. Maya Angelou (InVision Radio)

March 22, 2014
Everyone has heroes--ordinary people who, when faced with life's defining moments, choose to stand for what is right rather than what is expedient.

In this Episode of InVision Radio, Will Bowen speaks with Mark Shellinger, Founder of the SAMs Innovation Project, which is positively transforming schools from the top down.  By elevating the performance of school principals, SAMs is turning teachers into heroes.

In the Namaste' Lounge, disco legend Gloria Gaynor stops by to share the stories of lives that have been positvely impacted by her double-platinum disco hit "I will surive."

Dr. Maya Angelou talks with Will about what it feels like to be celebrated as a Spiritual Hero and she also shares who she considers to be her own personal heroes.
A Complaint Free World

A Complaint Free World

March 19, 2014
What are the 5 Reasons People Complain?
What's wrong with complaining?
Isn't it healthy to get out frustrations through complaining?
How do I get myself and others to stop complaining?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this engaging, informative and often hilarious speech by Will Bowen, internationally bestselling author and Founder of A Complaint Free World.

Here are a few highlights:

  • "People only complain for one of 5 reasons, and the acronym to remember the 5 reasons is G.R.I.P.E.   The "G" stands for "Get attention..."
  • "No one every complained their way to health, happiness or success."
  • "Complaining is like bad breath, you notice it when it comes out of someone else's mouth, but not when it comes out of your own!"
  • "You have never complained anyone, including yourself, into positive change."
  • "If it were true that people need to complain to release their stress, then the biggest complainers would also be the happiest people."
  • "If you have a chronic complainer in your life, simply begin to ask, 'What's going well with...(whatever s/he was complaining about.)  Just keep asking, 'What's going well?' and they will either begin to speak positively to you or they will ignore you.  Either way, you win."
  • "The way you use the words, "of course" are the best indicator of whether you are a positive or a negative person
You can find out more at www.WillBowen.com

Old Friends are the Best Friends (Dharma Talk)

Old Friends are the Best Friends (Dharma Talk)

March 17, 2014

In the East they say, "He is old, he must be wise."  In the West we say, "He is old, what the heck does he know?"

In this live message given by Will, he celebrates the importance of having a seasoned citizen as a friend as he says good bye to his friend Sam Cross.
This is a truly touching and inspiring message.  
Come On, Get Happy! (InVision Radio)

Come On, Get Happy! (InVision Radio)

March 10, 2014

What if you could raise your level of happiness just like a thermostat?  

You can.  A couple of little actions taken every day will improve your sense of well-being.  You'll learn these techniques as Will Bowen interviews Lorenzo Ross.
Lorenzo Ross's story is one of the most popular chapters in Will's latest book "Happy Stories."  Lorenzo was a flagman on a road crew who transformed the happiness of an entire New England town with just a smile and a wave.
And, in the Namaste' Lounge, Laura Berman shares her beautiful and inspiring songs.  Laura's music will calm your soul and touch your heart.
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