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Love is - Part 19

Love is - Part 19

October 19, 2018

The great motivational speaker Jim Rohn who said, “A true friend is someone who finds out you’re wrongly accused in a Mexican prison and does everything they can do get you out. And, they keep at it as long as it takes.”

A foundational part of love is that it never fails.

True love is as certain as the rising of the sun and as beautiful, as well.

How about you?

Are you willing to do “everything” for “as long as it takes” for those you love

Then you are on the path to being a loving person and to experiencing a happier, healthier life.

Love Is - Part 18

Love Is - Part 18

October 19, 2018

You’ve probably heard the old quote “perseverance is omnipotent.”

Perseverance is All-Powerful — anything can be achieved when fueled by perseverance.

Remember that to persevere means to continue on in a course or path regardless of discouragement or difficulty.

“Discouragement and difficulty" -- doesn’t that sound like love?

To persevere is likened unto love because perseverance and love are both all-powerful.

And if you combine perseverance with love, you become the most powerful person alive.

Love Is - Part 17

Love Is - Part 17

October 19, 2018

17 years ago, my mom had a massive heart attack.

One doctor described it as, “One half of her heart seems to be blown out like a little bomb exploded.”

And yet, over time she showed little signs of improvement and every time my mother seemed to be getting better a nurse or doctor would caution, “Don’t have false hope.”

One night, I tore a piece of paper from my journal and scribbled in large letters, “There is no such thing as false hope!”

Hope is powerful — hopes are the seeds of miracles.

Hope sustains us, inspires us, and is a pathway to love.

PS: My mom recovered and lived another 12 years.

Hope works.

Love Is - Part 16

Love Is - Part 16

October 18, 2018
Trust is difficult for most people — and for good reason.
Most people have been betrayed at some point in their lives and the sting it leaves in one's soul is hard to overcome.
And yet as this passage explains, we are not fully loving until we trust completely.
A guarded heart cannot be a loving heart.
Regardless of the pain from your past, to fully love you must learn to trust again.
Love Is - Part 15

Love Is - Part 15

October 18, 2018
Safety is a top need for people everywhere.
To feel safe, we must feel protected.
To love someone, therefore, is to protect them—to make them feel safe.
To love and be loved, their must be safety felt between you.  
Learn to protect those you love -- and not just physically.
Protect their reputation and protect them in your own thoughts.
To be loving, you must be willing to protect those you love.
Especially yourself!
Love is - Part 14

Love is - Part 14

October 16, 2018

"Love does not delight in evil"…. what the heck does that mean?

Well, people are delighting in “evil” today more than ever.

Commonly referred to as schadenfreude, taking delight in the struggles of others is “delighting in evil” — and it’s not loving.

Learn how the media contributes to this phenomenon and, more importantly, how you can choose to be more loving and not feel glee in the struggle of others.

More importantly, learn to value and celebrate the truth — for that, is loving!

Love is - Part 13

Love is - Part 13

October 16, 2018

Love keeps no record of wrongs.


A loving person is not a someone who maintains a litany of grievances against those they love.

They let the past go.

A loving person does not keep a list of past mistakes but, rather, lives and loves moment to moment understanding that everyone is growing and doing their best -- although we all have a past.

Learn to love others for who they are rather than in spite of how they have fallen short.

That is real love.

Love is - Part 12

Love is - Part 12

October 15, 2018

Anger is a natural response to threatening situations.

However, many people react in anger to those they profess to love even when they are not threatened.

Their response is disproportionate to their experience; the angry venom that comes out of their mouths causes pain and is NOT loving.

Imagine you are creating a classified ad because you’re searching for a loving person.

Would you include the phrase “Must be very angry?“

Of course not.

To be loving is to leave anger behind and be kind and understanding.

Learn to leave aggressive anger behind in today’s Jumpstart

Love is - Part 11

Love is - Part 11

October 15, 2018
Remember that love is not a noun —it’s a verb.

Love isn’t something you feel—love is something you do! 

Love is a choice you make. 
Love is the choice to put the needs and wants of another ahead of our own. 
The days of needing to compete just to survive past us by hundreds of years ago.

Joy comes from giving—not taking. 

Focus on others and you won't have time to stress about yourself. 

Learn how in Part 11 of our series Love Is.
Love is - Part 10

Love is - Part 10

October 15, 2018

Think about daytime soap operas and all of their drama!

There are a lot of scenes in these shows where one actor tells another character off — has the last word, or shames that person.
We tend to watch this and think, “Man, that’s exciting!  I can’t wait to give someone a piece of my mind!”  
And yet, this is very epitome of being unloving.
Loving someone means never, every lowering that person’s opinion of themselves.
We are not loving if we dishonor another person’s feelings and it’s incumbent upon us to, as the old proverb goes, “Before you send an arrow of truth, dip the tip in honey.”  
HOW you say things to someone will create a lot more impact than what you say.
Learn to speak words of truth that are sweet to hear.
And, in the process, get rid of the soap opera-like drama and hurt feelings in your life.
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